I'm quite a sentimental person, almost to a fault. I keep everything-- you could say I'm a sort of packrat, though I like to think of myself as a treasure and memory keeper. I safeguard things until I can turn them into a project or scrapbook. I am a firm believer in sentimental books and jewelry, most of all. I am not really one to wear jewelry unless it means something to me, and I have more books than I have room for.

Here are some examples of things I keep around the house that hold very fond memories, as well as my sentimental jewelry and the stories behind them.

1. Everything on the right hand side of my bathroom counter reminds me of someone special in my life. photo(8) Earrings my mom gave me.

This jar reminds me of both my parents. My mom bought it because she thought it was beautiful. Turns out it was filled with cherries that my dad loves to put in his old-fashioneds (a type of cocktail.) She washed it out and gave it to me because I liked it so much :)

A pearl necklace from my grandma and a necklace my dad gave me. My ancestors on my dad's side are Swedish, and it's a Swedish horse :)

The watch I received when I graduated college. I wear it almost every day! The adjustable ring one of my best and oldest friends gave me for my birthday. The rings I received from my parents for graduating from my master's, one is David Yurman and the other is my school ring. A horse bit ring from my childhood and a ring with mountains, trees and the sun/moon that I can't quite remember where I got it. It's also a childhood ring and is quite small. Last but not least a "C" bracelet I received for my birthday from sweetheart and horse earrings (my favorite animal!) my dad gave me from Finland. Each is special in its own way! :)

Everything together. I love keeping these where I can see them everyday! Other items include a bracelet from sweetheart's family, my favorite J Crew necklace, a candle from my mom that says "Light up the Room" (she has a matching one in her home,) a seashell because I love the ocean, etc.

I wear these two bracelets every day, I just leave them on overnight. One is from my first trip to Paris, the other has the name of my horse engraved on it. The third is a new Alex and Ani bracelet I just bought the other day. It's the "Path of Life" bracelet and the symbol means strength, motivation and knowledge. It reminds me of a dear friend from college who always says, "Trust Your Path."
The three bracelets.

Better image of the "Path of Life" charm.

2. Perfumes I've worn throughout the years. Each hold memories from the times when I wore them:
Paul Smith, studying abroad in London. Ralph Lauren Romance, high school. Hollister scent, high school. Chanel Chance, my current scent.

Fresh bottle of my current scent. Lola by Marc Jacobs, college. Daisy by Marc Jacobs, college.

3. Books. I have tons of books all over my apartment but the favorites are always most treasured.
Some of my favorite books. Yes, I know Twilight is on there. (Sorry I'm not sorry, I just love the fantasy genre!) These are a mixture of books I've read and loved over the years. Some are more recent favorites, others are favorites from childhood that I still love today!

One of my Harry Potter books is signed, my parents used to read Mr. Popper's Penguins to me when I was a kid, I've read The Little Prince in multiple languages, Thanks! is from my senior thesis on the science of happiness, Four Texts on Socrates is from my freshman year independent study on Plato, The Language of Flowers was recommended to me by a dear friend who suggests the best books. Just a little insight into why some of my favorites are so loved!

Are you sentimental? Do you have certain items around the home that remind you of special people in your life?


  1. Christine!

    I absolutely loved this post! I, too, am sentimental and love taking a peek into what is important/treasured to others! I really love all your jewelry, it's so fun and I never knew there was so much meaning behind it all! That makes me love it even more! :)

    Love you!

  2. Molly! Thanks!! It's the little things in life :) I am so glad we have another way to connect, blog buddy <3
    Love you xxC