Tips & Tricks: Finding the Right Hostess Gift (and Getting it on the Airplane)

I am going to visit SH's family next week, and I have been brainstorming for weeks about what I would like to take as a hostess gift! has some great ideas, a few of which are listed below. See article here. Some of the ideas I liked most would be difficult or impossible to take on an airplane, namely the "Hot-Sauce Hostess Gift" and "Fresh Peach Infused Vinegar" but they would be great for a closer trip. 

Ideas include:

Ideas that I like if you know your hostess pretty well, and have an idea of what her decor/style/scent preferences are, include:
  • Scented Candle 
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Picture Frame with a Nice Photo
  • Hostess' Favorite Candy
  • Tea Towels
Remember, presentation is (almost) just as important as the gift. Even when people have given me squashed wrapped gifts that took a little wear and tear in the suitcase or carry-on, I appreciate the effort and thought they put into wrapping it. Personalize your gift as best you can, perhaps with some nice wrapping or twine, and a thoughtful card. Don't leave it to the last minute (which I am often guilty of doing!) You'll thank yourself when the gift-giving time comes.

What are your favorite hostess gifts to give and/or receive?

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