5 DIY Last minute Christmas gifts that don't suck

Good morning everyone! I don't usually post on Saturdays but let's face it, we're down to the Christmas wire, here. Five days until Christmas and who's (not) counting? There is probably someone on your list that you haven't gotten a gift for yet. That's okay, we all go through the last minute panic at some point in our lives. So, to help you out, I've compiled a list of DIY gifts that don't suck. You can do it in time for Christmas, I know you can!

1. Burlap Christmas Wreath. We've talked about this already, so I'll keep it short and sweet. I loved making these wreaths and you can read more about how to make them in my post here.

2. Hot Cocoa Gift Basket. I had the idea for a s'mores kit, but then it didn't seem very practical with the winter and people probably not camping (unless people wanted to roast them at home in their fireplace... is that a thing?) Anyway so from s'mores I thought "well, what DO people eat at the holidays? Of course! Hot cocoa!" I stumbled upon an adorable basket on this blog and I just LOVE this idea. I think it's adorable how she put the hot cocoa powder in a jar with chocolate chips and peppermint, though I've honestly never put either in my hot chocolate. She also incorporated homemade marshmallows which... ain't nobody got time for that! This is last minute gifting, people! So I would probably use store bought ones (sorry) and they would be equally cute in a jar.

3. Chalkboard Sign. Take an old frame or buy one at Marshall's for $4, paint the glass with chalkboard paint and BOOM. Tres Chic. See here and here for inspiration and tips.

4. Teacup Light a la Martha Stewart. See her instructions here.

5. Movie Night Gift Basket. Head to Target, buy a $5 flick (or get fancy with a blu ray,) a box of popcorn, a candy (Twizzlers, Kit Kat, and Pretzel M&Ms being some of my favorites,) a bottle of soda, put it in a cute basket or box and you're good to go!

How cute are these ideas, you guys?! I almost wish all of my Christmas shopping/ gift making wasn't done so that I'd have an excuse to make these.

Runner Up Gift Idea:

Money in a Tissue Box. If you know you're giving someone money for Christmas, (a niece or nephew, perhaps?) Why not make it fun and cutesy? This money in a tissue box idea is RAD. Kids will love it!

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