5 Lovely Links

1. The Morning Routines of 13 Ambitious Millennial Women, from Read it here.
(Umm can I channel Isa Adney for a day?)

2. Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others, by Anita Woolley, Thomas W. Malone and Christopher Chabris. Short, interesting read about three characteristics that contribute to groups working smarter together. My favorite: "Finally, teams with more women outperformed teams with more men." 


3. 7 Tips to Help You Keep Fitness Resolutions - read it here

I particularly like the idea of adding fruit or something yummy to my water to help keep me hydrated, and it's never hurt to have cute workout gear to get me in the right mindset for a workout! 

4. What, to the Black American, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day? A thought provoking read by Chris Lebron in light of yesterday's holiday. 

5. 24 Hours in New Orleans, LA with Juley or of Upperlyne & Co - New Orleans is on my bucket list of must see places and this 24 hour guide makes me want to go even more! Read it here

Have a great start to the week everybody! I know that I'm having a bit of a slow morning. :) I hope you all had a great long weekend. 

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