San Francisco Weekend

This past weekend I visited one of my best friends from college and we had the most fabulous time walking the city, catching up, laughing and eating the yummiest food.

San Fancisco charm

I love this shade of blue with the white trim :)

We woke up Saturday and had brunch at Polkers for some of the best pancakes I've had in my life! They were super fluffy and delicious! Then we went for a walk through China town, looked in some of the quirky shops, and admired the lanterns.

I got a little carried away with the lantern photos 

We traveled to the Financial District where she works and I got to see the gorgeous views from her building. The offices and their respective views were ah-mazing. It was such a beautiful, clear day.

Then we walked to the Ferry Building. We meandered through the cute farmer's market and I got the most delicious lox open faced sandwich with lemons and onions on top. So good! We walked to the little outdoor vendors and found her favorite ring vendor and bought some really cute sterling silver/gold plated rings! 

My new knuckle ring 

Farmer's market 

We had the yummiest apple cinnamon scone/ muffin from this vendor

The Ferry Building 

Grace Church 

A post card I bought 

All in all it was a fab weekend!! I hope you all have a great Monday!

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