Coachella Style Guide

If you live in Southern California, chances are you've been to Coachella. Maybe you've been going every year since 1999, and love the escapism and freedom that Coachella embodies. Maybe you're a huge music buff and you try to hit as many festivals as you can in a year. Maybe you have serious, chronic FOMO, which caused you to cave and buy a wristband this year. Or maybe you have simply heard of the legend that is Coachella, and want to see what the hype is all about for yourself. Coachella is kind of a right of passage. You aren't truly a wild at heart, festival going, fringe wearing, flower child Californian until you go to Coachella.

I went to Coachella in 2011, my senior year of college. We came. We saw. We camped. We conquered.

Kanye West was the headliner that year, and this was way before any of the Kimye nonsense. He even thought about someone besides himself for once, and dedicated his set to his late mother, and made a rather moving tribute. Some of my favorite acts included Ellie Goulding (before she was famous, if you can imagine that,) Kings of Leon, The Neon Trees, Empire of the Sun, to name a few.

The heat was almost unbearable- I remember having nutrient packed energy bars and electrolyte tablets and being so thankful I did because it was so. damn. hot.

But two things I'll never forget about Coachella besides the incredible music and the nearly unbearable heat, are the breathtaking landscape and the out of this world fashion.

Coachella goers know how to look effortlessly fabulous. The tribal print crop tops, cutoff shorts, crystal necklaces and feather headbands- it's a fashion heaven. Nevermind the dried dust and sweat caked all over your body. Coachella goers are a fabulously fashionable bunch.

Below are some of my picks for cute (and affordable!) Coachella wear this spring. For those of you who are going this year, may your electrolyte levels stay balanced, and may your flash tattoo game be strong.


Coachella Style Guide

What about you? Are you going to Coachella? Have you been before? Do you already have your outfits picked out?

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