LA Times Festival of Books

Living in LA comes with tons of perks. There is always something to do or see, an event to attend, or a great restaurant to try. This weekend, one of my favorite events of the year is coming to the USC campus: The LA Times Festival of Books. This two-day event is a book lover's heaven. There is something for everyone- music, food, books (endless books!) celeb appearances, and even some theater. Best of all? Admission is free. 

Here's my guide to this year's LA Times Festival of Books. I've handpicked the events I would like to attend on Saturday (I sadly can't make it, but will be there on Sunday!) As you've probably figured out pretty quickly from glancing at the list below... it's impossible to attend ALL of these events, as many of them are at the same time. So unless you've figured out how to be in two places at once, you'd better bring along a buddy and split up the must-see stuff. And keep in mind, the selections below don't even include all the book selling booths you have to stop by! There is truly so much to do and see at this event. 

I hope you enjoy my picks! 


9:30        Arrive early because parking will be madness. 

10:00      Festival opens, hit up the USC Stage to hear the Trojan Marching Band.

10:30      Moving beyond the “Cuba cliche” and getting to the real Cuba a talk with Alice Short, asst. managing editor, Los Angeles Times and Catherine Watson, travel writer. Booth 47 LA Times California Pavilion (no ticket required) 

10:30     Crime Fiction: Right Place, Wrong Time (Conversation 1051) Salvatori Computer Science Center (SAL 101) (ticket required) 

10:30     Frame by Frame: The Lasting Impact of Movies (Conversation 1021) Hoffman Hall (ticket required) 

11:00     Eat This: The L.A. Food Movement (Conversation 1121) Taper Hall 101 (ticket required) 

11:00    Young Adult Fiction: Connections & Consequences (Conversation 1031) Town and Gown (ticket required)

11:30    Making the most out of 10-minute photo shoots with Jay L. Clendenin, staff photographer, Los Angeles Times. Booth 47 LA Times California Pavilion (no ticket required)

12:00    Writing With a Smirk: Women & Humor (Conversation 1082) Seeley G. Mudd (SGM 124) (ticket required)

12:15    More for Your Money: Travel Bargains in 2015 Travel Smart Stage (no ticket required) 

1:30     Whose Life Is It Anyway? Approaches to Writing Memoir (Conversation 1143) Wallis Annenberg Hall (ticket required) 

1:30     Crime Fiction: Haunted by the Past (Conversation 1053) Salvatori Computer Science Center (SAL 101) (ticket required)  

2:00     Tell Me a Story: The Art of Children's Books (Conversation 1043) Andrus Gerontology Center (ticket required) 

2:30    The next generation of storytellers Kyle Finck, Los Angeles Times, Cailynn Knabenshue, student Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, Grace Papish, student, Calabasas High School. Booth 47 LA Times California Pavilion (no ticket required)

3:00    Publishing: The Big Picture (Conversation 1054) Salvatori Computer Science Center (SAL 101) (ticket required) 

3:00    Young Adult Fiction:  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Conversation 1024) Hoffman Hall (ticket required) 

3:00    Young Adult Fiction: Writing the Fantastic (Conversation 1084) Seeley G. Mudd (SGM 124) 

3:30    Crime Fiction: Playing Both Sides (Conversation 1124) Taper Hall 101 (ticket required) 

4:30    Publishing: The New Writers' Toolbox (Conversation 1015) Hancock Foundation (ticket required) 

What about you, will you be making it to the LA Times Festival of Books?

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