My Hair Makeover with Spoke and Weal

I have never been great at styling my hair. My desire for sleep usually (always) trumps my desire for beautiful hair. I would rather sleep an extra 15 minutes in the morning than wake up earlier to wash, blow dry, and style my hair before heading to work. My go to style is usually up. I own a curling iron which I have used a total of two times in my life (and I ended up looking like Shirley Temple anyway.) 

So when I stepped into Spoke and Weal on W 3rd St. in LA, I divulged all of this to my stylist, Kaylee. "I don't know how to do my hair," I said. "I need something quick and easy to style. A no fuss look." Kaylee is blonde, petite and cute. She has hair that looks effortless and perfect and a little messy, like she maybe ran her fingers through it and went out the door. "That is the type of hair I want," I explain.

The salon has a warehouse feel to it but without being cold. Each styling chair has it's own Hollywood style mirror with lights (a style I personally love.) Everything is black (even the stylist uniform is head to toe black) for a kind of effortless chic feel (see a theme here?) The blow dryers hang from the ceiling so there's no cords to trip over. The whole salon is immaculate. I'm talking not a single piece of hair on the floor, immaculate.  

All the coloring options, oh my!


After you arrive and meet your stylist, you change into one of the salon's t-shirts. Something about this feels luxe in itself and I'm not sure why. Changing is followed by a brief scalp massage with some aromatherapy.  Then you are taken to the back room to get your hair washed. My hair was in such bad shape that Kaylee had to shampoo it twice, just to get all the gunk out of my hair from the crappy drug store shampoo I was using. (Because hey, who has $40 to drop on shampoo am I right??) We'll get to this later.

Tea, anyone?

Spoke and Weal operates a little differently than most salons. They blow dry your hair and THEN cut it, once it's dry. I sat in the chair for some snipping, I stood with my head down, to the side, to the other side, for some snipping. They have an interesting approach to hair. 

Here are my before and after pictures:


 c/o Spoke and Weal

I love my new haircut!! A warm thanks to the Spoke and Weal team for making me feel so welcomed and thank you Kaylee for not only doing such a great job cutting and styling my hair, but for also teaching me how to style it when I get home. I can't wait to come back to get my hair colored! There are only two Spoke and Weal locations so if you live in LA or SF, hop to it! (One coming soon to NY.) At the end of my salon trip I also purchased the shampoo and conditioner (Rosemary Mint by Aveda) and they were less than $15 each, so the myth that shampooing to nice, healthy hair has to be expensive is busted!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)

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