Favorite Podcast Episodes

I listen to a lot of podcasts.

My commute is at least an hour each way to work Monday through Friday, so when I'm not listening to my Eminem or Flo Rida Pandora stations, I'm listening to podcasts.

There are three main podcasts I listen to, which I've mentioned on here a few times previously.
They are:

- Serial
- This American Life
- The Ted Radio Hour

I like these podcasts because they're educational without being dry. I always learn something new. In fact, I started to listen to podcast episodes a second time, because I'll catch something new that I missed the first time around. (Also because new episodes don't come out fast enough.)

I recently listened to the episode of The Ted Radio Hour called "Champions." Part of the episode told the story of Diana Nyad, who at age 64, swam from Cuba to Florida after spending 53 hours in the water. The kicker? She attempted and failed four times before she made it on her fifth attempt. Read her incredible story here and listen to the podcast here. I also suggest going to the site linked in the initial article because it tells her story further- about trauma and her relationship with her parents. She is a truly remarkable woman.

Another favorite episode of mine is "Not It!" from This American Life. I couldn't believe this story about homeless men from Puerto Rico in the Chicago area being shipped to the US from their home country (Puerto Rico). They were promised access to rehab, treatment, and a facility with a pool. What they find once they get to Chicago is much, much different. Listen to this strange and unsettling story here. (This story is just one part of the podcast.)

This American Life episode "Call For Help" is another odd and juicy one, although with a bit of a happier twist. In act two, reporter Anna Sale tells of the call she got one fateful day from Senator Alan Simpson. He wanted to have a chat with her about her love life. Listen to it here.

Other Ted Radio Hour episodes I like:
"In Search Of" - Act two talks about finding the Giant Squid  (it's FASCINATING. I had to google the pictures as soon as I got home, this thing is massive!!!)

"Success" - does how we define success set up false expectations? Listen here.

Okay and last but not least, Serial. I cannot WAIT for Season 2!!! Catch Season 1 here. Prepare to go back in time to Baltimore, 1999, and try to piece together a murder that was supposedly committed in a very specific time frame after school. I'd love to know what you think.

Do you have any favorite podcasts? Any you recommend? I'd love to know! Also if you want to talk Serial, send me an email because I can talk about this case and its inconsistencies all day!

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