5 Lovely Links

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! I hope you're all having a great start to the week.

Today, let's talk personality types. Do you believe in the Myers-Briggs test? Maybe not? Whether you're a believer, a doubter, or unsure, here are some lovely links pertaining to personality:

1. Never taken the Myers-Briggs test before? Take it here.

2. Okay, now that that's done, you have your personality type. Want to read about your type? Visit this site.

3. Read about your type? What do you think, was it accurate, or not? Maybe now you're interested in learning about what kinds of careers might be good for your personality type. Head here.

4. Still not buying it? You're not alone. Business Insider included the above article on the Myers-Briggs test, but also included this one. Confusing, huh? I think they want to make sure people don't just see themselves as an inflexible label.

5. Want to just know which celebs you might share a personality trait or two with? (You know you do!) Check out this article.

I'm an ISFJ. What are you?

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