My Etsy Picks: Engagement, Wedding and Baby

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been away for a little while! Summer just seems to get so full so quickly, you know? And honestly, I've been binge watching Orange is the New Black (Seasons One and Two) after work every. single. day. So with that happening, I mean, who has time for blogging? *Insert crying laughing emoji face here* Seriously though.

So, that's been happening in my life, along with engagement parties, weddings, baby showers and birthdays! What's been happening in your life? How has your June been?

I've been on an Etsy kick lately. There's just so much good stuff on Etsy, you guys. Who needs mass produced, store bought items when you can get hand crafted, unique, creative gifts on Etsy?

Here are my picks for three major life events:

Custom Ring Holder 
This ring holder is cast from a mold of a baby potato so it's a really cute and unique shape. I put it in one of my best friend's engagement baskets so she never has to worry about losing her ring :)

Countdown Chalkboard
I haven't purchased this personally, but I think it's a really cute idea and I love that it comes with the chalk attached on a string! Great touch.

Proposal Location Engagement Printable 
I love this idea, I think it's so romantic to have a framed print of the location you got engaged. Such a special way to remember the day. I just wish that the company shipped an actual print to you, rather than you having to print it out yourself.

Custom Bamboo Cutting Board
I'm so happy I bought this for my friends' wedding gift :) I had already purchased something off of their registry for the Bridal Shower, so I wanted to go with something more unique and special for the actual big day. I ordered the cutting board on June 12th for a June 20th wedding. I was worried it wouldn't get here in time so I bought the rush processing, as well. It arrived on June 19th just in time to be wrapped and taken to the wedding the following day! I was so pleased with how it turned out, it was beautifully crafted and I hope the newlyweds love it as much as I do!

Dr. Seuss Print
Cute and quirky :)

Marriage Milestones Wine Labels
I am OBSESSED with this idea!! Holy cow I've never seen something like this and I just LOVE it! Just picture it - you get in your first fight as a married couple. Maybe there's yelling and raised voices and then in the heat of the moment you both quiet down and there's a pause... one of you runs to the fridge or pantry or wine cellar, wherever you keep your wine, and you pull out the bottle with the "First Fight" label on it and both burst out laughing. Corks are popped and glasses are clinked. I love it!

Custom Baby Block 
I can't wait to buy one of these!! Aren't they darling? SH's brother and his wife are having a baby and so is my friend Ashley. I think this is just the perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a child and something you can keep and treasure forever!

Nursery Once Upon a Time Printable 
I love this sweet idea, again, I just wish it came printed and framed.

Owl Mobile for Nursery
Just darling. (Also expensive) but I just love how sweet and serene the owl's face looks.

What about you, do you own an Etsy shop or have any favorite Etsy items to share?

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