Birthday Brunch - My Apartment

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday! Today is my BIRTHDAY!! For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that I celebrated my 26th birthday a little early with my family and friends up in the Bay Area two weekends ago, and it was so lovely. I felt so celebrated. I'm lucky enough to say that the birthday festivities continue, and yesterday I hosted a birthday brunch at my apartment in LA. I feel so grateful that I have wonderful people in my life (in both places.) It's you guys that make my life so special and make me feel truly excited to have another birthday.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me celebrate and made me feel so loved. It's the people in my life that matter the most- my family, friends, SH- without all of you I wouldn't experience such happy days. Thank you :)

Here are some pictures from the brunch. It was about 110 degrees in my apartment (we are having the weirdest weather here in LA- super muggy rain/heat) so we took a few pictures before the food was served and then gave up.

My romper is from the new Cupcakes and Cashmere line for those of you who follow Emily (love her) and I'm completely in love with this romper. (I sized up FYI. You can find it on Shopbop or Nordstrom. I also ordered it the day the line came out and picked it up in store for those of you wondering how I snagged one in the right size- I know they've been selling out like crazy!)

Pink Carnations

Champagne Flutes

Gift from my sweet friend Angela

Her ridiculously beautiful calligraphy

New Kate Spade earrings- I love them!

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