Scotch Toddy - ready in 2 minutes

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The UK theme continues! Here is a recipe for a Scotch Toddy which is basically a boozed up cup of tea. I found this Scotch Toddy recipe online and made a few notes and modifications below. Note: other recipes I found online don't use a teabag, they just use hot water, honey, scotch and lemon juice. For that variation of a Scotch Toddy, click here, or for a super fancy one, click here. (Does anyone know what the most authentic version is? I think I need to ask a Scot!)

What you'll need:
1 mug of boiling water
1 tea bag
1 shot of Scotch Whiskey (commonly known as just scotch)
1 tbsp honey

In a standard coffee mug add the scotch, honey and tea bag. Pour boiling hot water to fill mug. Steep for about one or two minutes. Then remove and dispose of tea bag. Drink up!

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