Top 25 moments of being 25

*Hello beauties! Since I got everything I wanted for my birthday... ;) I decided to skip this week's Wednesday Wishlist in favor of another kind of list! Read on for more info! XO*

My friend Molly is one of my favorite people in the world. She is bright and happy, compassionate, empathetic, funny, and feels and loves deeply. The list of qualities I love about her goes on forever! One thing in particular I love about Molly is her ability to create and find joy in moments. And isn't that what life is, anyway? A collection of moments? Some of my favorite memories with her are us just walking around our downtown neighborhood or getting coffee. Simple. Simple moments. (Also one time we did a photoshoot in her room of us getting dressed up in silly costumes. That was great, too. We should probably find those photos!)

Molly inspired me to make a list of my top favorite moments of being 25 which I think provided a great opportunity for me to celebrate the "little" things in my past year, like a great slice of pizza, and also the "big" things, like a vacation or party with friends. So here is my list. You'll notice once I got started I ended up going way beyond 25! I wanted to share it with all of you and hope it inspires you to create your own list of favorite moments. 

So here's to 26. May it be a year of big and little moments, one where I slow down to appreciate the short time we all have on this Earth, one where I treasure my friends, and relish in great food, great company, great adventures, and nights in, too. (I've already starting creating my list of top 26 moments of being 26 ;))

Top 25 Moments of Being 25

1. 25th Birthday in Seattle, doing the food tour of Pike Place Market
2. Catching the fish at Pike Place Fish Co.
3. The amazing crab cakes and pie at Etta's
4. Taking pictures of the beautiful flowers on Whidbey Island
5. Fiesta Hermosa
6. Doing a blog photoshoot at the Lighthouse
7. Celebrating my and SH's one and a half year anniversary at the Mistfit and eating pumpkin pie at Urth Caffe
8. Starting my new job
9. Pumpkin carving with friends at SH's and watching the engineers do it with power tools (lol)
10. Going to SH's house in Illinois for the first time
11. Going to an apple orchard in Illinois and getting the most delicious apple donuts 
11. Meeting a lot of SH's family for the first time (brother, brother's wife, grandma, two sisters, aunts, uncles)
12. Going to Chicago for the first time and going up in the tallest building when it was super stormy out
13. Having real Chicago deep dish pizza
14. Going to get massages with my mom at the spa
15. Celebrating my dad and SH's birthdays together at our house in the bay! With mocha cake!
16. SH and my grandparents coming for Thanksgiving and us trying to play BANG! (board game)
17. Doing a blog shoot with Molly during the holidays!!
18. Camping at Jalama Beach in Janaury
19. Going to the Christmas Tree Burn in the desert in January
20. Brunch at the Good Stuff
21. Cookie Con
22. Meeting SH's airplane for the first time (Frankie!)
23. Going to see Wicked at the Pantages (SH's Christmas gift)
24. My dear friend Angela coming back to the states and our first meal together celebrating!!
25. When my cactus started blooming at work in February and I would look outside my window every day and there would be new buds!
Visiting my dear friend Charlotte in San Francisco!
Ang's bday at Sugarfish!
Going to dinner with my favorites Kelso and Andrew at Diablo in Silverlake
Starting making Plated meals and feeling competent in the kitchen (Making the empanadas was the highlight!)
My first flight with SH in his airplane
Two year anniversary with SH at the Little Door
Utah to go skiing
Going to the shooting range and shooting a 50 cal
Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty Conference at the Grove
Hosting Easter at my apartment with my parents and friends
My mom's beautiful Easter eggs she made with flowers
Getting my hair cut at Spoke and Weal
Dinners with my parents and SH
SH flying my dad in his plane
My cousin coming to steak and cake
The LA Times Festival of Books
My dear friend Molly getting engaged!!! My reaction! AH!
Megan's Bridal Shower!
Mother's Day dinner and ice cream run
Downtown date with Ang (brunch, flower market)
Game of Thrones marathons with SH
Watching live music in Nashville
Sushi Time dates with Ang
Seeing the new Jurassic Park movie (twice)
Going to the Rose Bowl flea market with Tabatha and finding SH a vintage airplane stapler!!
Julie's birthday - Taco Tuesday!
Dinners with Ashley in Hermosa and watching her pregnant belly grow!! (And buying the baby gifts!)
Starting volunteering again with horsies and kiddies
Megan and Kenny's gorgeous beach wedding!
Flying to camping and having the whole campsite to ourselves
Seeing the Back to the Future event at the Hollywood Bowl
Alyssa visiting from Arizona!! (meeting her bf, and her doggie)
Dinner at the Fat Dog LA
Eating really good chinese food
Watching the women's world cup
SH's sisters visiting from Illinois!
Eating the best gelato ever on the Redondo Beach Pier
Going home for my (pre) birthday weekend
Going shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale with my mom
Having the best birthday dinner with my best friends and parents
Watching Trainwreck with SH
Throwing a birthday brunch

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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