Friday Feature: Caroline of Little Bitty City One

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!! Today I want to introduce you to my blogger friend Caroline who writes the blog, Little Bitty City One and hails from DC! Caroline and I "met" via email a few months back (we both belong to the Blogger Collective) and have since kept in touch and worked on various projects together. Caroline is a kick as* combination of an east coast prep (think sperry's and kate spade) meets warped tour pop-punk. She wears what she wants and says what she thinks and I love that!

A few things I love about reading her blog: her spunky style, she puts together fantastic fashion inspiration boards, and dang is she funny. Case in point, and I quote from a blog post, "Which of the American Girl dolls did you have? And was she a betch?" Pretty much peed my pants reading that article and proceeded to send to friends who I KNOW played with AGs as kids. (Ahem, I had Samantha, Betchiest of all betches.)

Head over to her blog Little Bitty City One for some great fashion inspiration, interesting interviews, fun articles and more! (P.S. She studied film in college - how cool is that?)

Start with a brief introduction! Tell us a little about yourself.
Apparently, according to my friend Matty, “I dated the DJ at St. Albans” is pretty descriptive of my entire character. I’m a slightly punky, prep-school graduating, music-loving ball of energy that cannot for the life of me reign in my shopping habits. I love lions (CaroLION) and I’m tooooottally a Pisces. I also love quotes about the sunshine and movies with murdery/ criminal male leads (Wolf of Wallstreet, American Psycho, Clockwork Orange) . I’m starting to be better at wearing heels and my go-to drink is a gin and tonic. And I’ve been told I look like Reese Witherspoon since Legally Blonde.

What inspired you to start your blog? 
I was actually interning with a startup that never… started up. We were a vendor at a GLAM (Giving Labels A Meaning) event. I met Meghann Moynahan of Disctrict Sparkle and thought she was the coolest person I’d ever met. It took me a while after that, but she’s the reason I really started reading fashion blogs and decided to start my own.

How did you pick the name of your blog? 
The song Little Bitty Pretty One has been a favorite oldie of mine forever. It just kind of fell into place. I’m normally the shortest person in any given group.

How long have you been blogging?
Little Bitty City One has been around for about 2 and a half years, but before that I had a music/ concert blog called Getting Warped and  I also had a professor in college who had us blogging our assignments.

What's been your biggest blogging challenge to date?
Oh ma gosh. The whole thing has been a learning experience. First of all, I’m really all self-taught about wordpress and social media, so I’ve been figuring out what works for me. Besides that, I have to keep reminding myself that I might never fit into the pretty little mold of a lot of bloggers. I’m not a model, I may dress/ accessorize a little out of the box, and that’s ok.

What are the top 5 things you reallyyyy need/want to do before you're end date of Sept 27 2017 on your 101 in 1001?
I have been so bad about updating or crossing things off this list. I would say top 5:

Guest merch girl for a band I love (ahem, Relic Hearts)

Pay off my credit cards

Climb the “Exorcist steps”

Go back and visit my grandma’s amazing Civil War era house

Head to Boston for a Red Socks game to hear Sweet Caroline

What's your favorite thing about living in DC?
DC is so clean! I much prefer it over many, many of the cities that I’ve been to for that reason. And I love that I can walk everywhere. I grew up on the outskirts of suburbia and you can’t walk to get anywhere from my house. That’s still a novelty to me.

What is your favorite post you've done to date?
I wrote a post that I started out feeling very “meh” about that ended up getting SO much attention that I was blown away on Wedding Guest Etiquette. I am so incredibly proud of that one. [Note from Christine: check out that post here!]

Do you plan out your blog posts in advance or go with whatever inspiration comes? 
It’s a little bit of both. Whenever I get an idea, I jot it down in my blog planner. That way I always have a running list.

A lot of bloggers start blogging as a hobby, and have to balance it with full time work. What do you do for a living? How do you balance it all?
I’m in accounts payable at a law firm. A lot of my posting happens at lunch, but I also have a nasty habit of blogging in bed. My favorite time to blog is on the weekends in the morning before I start my day- I’ll bang out at least a couple while I have breakfast and coffee.

Name your top three favorite places to shop. 
I do most of my shopping online, but my favorite brands are Loft, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren

What song can you listen to on repeat and never get sick of?
Lord Jesus have mercy on this question!  I get stuck on songs where I literally listen on repeat for weeks. If you’re asking my ipod though, strictly by numbers, it’s I Wanna by The All-American Rejects. I listen to a lot of pop-punk

All time favorite movie?
This is so hard too! I studied film in college. Probably Dogtown and ZBoys, a documentary about Team Zephyr- the group that revolutionized skateboarding. I’m a documentary nerd.

Go to bad-day snack? 
Anything salty or cheesy. When I broke up with my boyfriend I ate an entire pineapple and bacon pizza by myself.  

The thing you love most about blogging?
I’ve made so many awesome friends and connections! That’s been really cool.

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