Wedding Party Picks With Weddington Way

Wedding Party Picks With Weddington Way

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Hi you guys! I'm super excited because today I'm featuring Weddington Way's new project to show you just how easy it is to find the perfect look for your entire bridal party! Weddington Way just launched their brand new Gents Shop so I decided to put a lookbook together of my favorite styles. I hope you guys like what I put together!

Wedding planning can be super stressful, right? I mean, talk about major coordination needing to happen. Weddington Way offers hundreds of styles and beautiful colors to choose from, and sometimes you need someone else to put together looks for you to get your inspiration flowing am, I right? So to help you wedding planning gals (and guys!) out, I picked my favorites from the braidsmaids dresses here and newly launched Gents Shop to bring you these seven looks. The Gents Shop lets you customize tuxedos and suits so every guy in your party looks dashing as ever (my favorite is the Logan... *swoon*)

Let me know what you guys think! I know the pictures turned out kind of small but I linked every single look for him + her so make sure to check those out :)

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