Celebrating International Women's Friendship Month + The Inspirational Woman Project Giveaway

Hi friends! I hope you all had a lovely and very relaxing Labor Day weekend. Welcome back to the grind! I’m super excited because today I’m teaming up with Bri Seeley of to bring you an awesome giveaway of her book, The Inspirational Woman Project! Bri Seeley is a multi-talented and passionate entrepreneur. Whether designing, coaching, or writing, Bri is dedicated to inspiring women to BE women. 

Bri and I met at the Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty Conference at The Grove, LA back in April of this year. I was immediately drawn to the message of her book, that ALL women are inspirational, beautiful, and powerful in their own way. Incidentally, September is International Women’s Friendship Month, so Bri and I thought this would be the perfect month to discuss what friendship means to us, and bring you some little inspirational tidbits along the way! 

But first, enter the giveaway!!

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What does friendship mean to you?

B: The women in my life both support and inspire me. They ground me in the present, while allowing for me to grow into a bigger version of myself. I love them for their ability to celebrate and laugh, imagine and dream, cry and mourn with me. It's a complete breadth of connection that we experience together. I feel safe with them to open my heart and mind, to explore the complexities of life, and to be present as my best self always.

C: Girlfriends are the people that let you sob hysterically on a park bench in public because your boyfriend broke up with you and they don’t try to shush you. Girlfriends are the people that tell you you look radiant today, that you have a good spirit, a good heart, and that they feel good when they’re around you. Girlfriends are the people who dance crazily around you and make you laugh until you can’t breathe. Girlfriends are the people who open up to you about things that are possibly painful or embarrassing because they know you accept them anyway. Girlfriends are the people who come pick you up at the airport, or drive you to the auto shop when your car is in repair, or bake you a cake on your birthday. Friendships between women are so crucial to survive as a woman in today’s day and age. It’s the women that lift us up, celebrate us, accept us in all our down moments and all our glory, that we are celebrating today, and thankful for always. 

Bri Seeley mentors women to create inspirational lives - from achieving clarity in their visions to making an impact with their gifts, she works with them to live life on their terms. She is the author of The Inspirational Women Project, as well as the leader of the eponymous movement. Bri works with women who have been living their lives according to the status quo, and are utterly bored, frustrated, and unfulfilled by it. They're ready to leave behind the "should's" in life to live the way they want to live - a life filled with joy, passion, and purpose every day.

So are you ready to win her inspirational book or what?! This book is the perfect coffee table accessory for any stylish gal’s apartment. It includes 99 amazing women to look to for advice, strength, inspiration and guidance. Read their stories and you might just find you're inspired to share a story or two of your own. And surprise... you get to! Because the 100th inspirational woman is YOU!!! Turn to the end of the book and you'll find out what we mean :)

In case you are not the winner, or you want to purchase this awesome book for a friend or loved one, here is the link to purchase: book makes a great gift for your sister, your mother, girlfriend, or anyone in your life you want to inspire! Have a wonderful day!

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