20 Things About Me!

Hi there! How are you all doing today? I hope everyone's having a good week.

I've noticed that some of you repeatedly comment on my blog, and for that I want to say THANK YOU! It really means so much to me that anyone visits my blog and takes the time to not only read what I have to say, but also comment. I appreciate your support and enjoy reading each and every comment. So for that, I thank you. That being said, I feel like we don't know too much about each other. Where are you guys from? What do you do for a living? Do you have kids? Pets? What are some of your hopes, fears and dreams? What do you do for fun? I thought it might be nice to do a post where we get to know each other a little better. I'll start, and if you want to comment below with some things about you as well, I would love to read them.

So here it goes:

1. I'm Christine. I'm 26.
2. I live in LA and have lived here for 4+ years (it will be 5 in June 2016.)
3. I was born in New Jersey and raised in Northern California.
4. My idea of a perfect Saturday at home is waking up early, going for a walk, making a delicious breakfast at home or going out for brunch, taking a nap, lounging around in bed reading, working on my blog, eating sushi for dinner, and getting a big group of friends together for a movie night.
5. I love to travel. Some of my favorite destinations include Paris, London, Stonehaven (Scotland), and Maui.
6. I don't have any pets but I would like 2 dogs and 2 bunnies. (So they don't get lonely!)
7. I love movies and I could watch the same movie a hundred times (seriously.) Re-watching movies is sort of a pastime of mine.
8. I have an incredible sweet tooth. SH and I ate dessert every single day while we were in Scotland this summer, lol so when we got home we decided to do a sugar detox (no more sweets, sodas, pastries, juice, etc.) We've been doing it for at least 2 months now. It was really hard at first, but now I'm used to it. I lost 8 pounds unintentionally during this detox just from avoiding sweets!
9. I love to read and I'm an incredibly fast reader. My favorite genre right now is Sci Fi, but I also love coming of age stories, fiction, and children's literature.
10. I don't really like to exercise - this is something I am trying to change so that I develop healthy habits now. (Any workout/exercise suggestions welcome!)
11. I drink a large cup of tea every morning and every afternoon.
12. Luxuries I love: mani/pedis, super soft blankets, yummy smelling candles, massages.
13. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and Christmas is a close second.
14. I work as an academic advisor.
15. I have a handbag problem - handbags are the first thing I want to look at in any department store and the first thing I want to spend my money on :)
16. I'm an only child.
17. I don't drink coffee.
18. I kind of love junky food - pizza, hotdogs and hamburgers - but I try to limit my intake for my health.
19. I love my friends dearly - my longest friendship to date is doing on 17 years :)
20. I'm an ISFJ.

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