Dunnottar Castle...

Enjoying the ocean breeze!
...Over the ocean wind.  And hangry.

Skirt: Topshop  | Shirt: Olivia Moon | Jacket: Cupcakes and Cashmere

 Hello lovelies! Here are some more pics from Scotland! (This was a rare occasion on our trip where I got to wear a skirt. Scotland is pretty cold, even in the summertime!) These photos were taken at Dunnottar Castle! It's on a gorgeous seaside cliff and absolutely breathtaking. This was one of my all time favorite stops of the trip. We went to many castles but none were as romantic as this ruined medieval fortress! The castle is also very close to the adorable village of Stonehaven. I loved everything about this day. If you ever visit Scotland I highly recommend making a stop at Dunnottar Castle. But pack a jacket because as you can see it was incredibly WINDY!

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