Wednesday Wishlist... Splurge Vs. Save

Splurge...Bag Problem

Bag Problem Cheaper Version ;)



Hello and happy hump day! Are you constantly impressed with the insane handbag collections that huge name bloggers have?! I know I am. I'm swooning with bag envy (in a good way) over every other Instagram photo. The leather, the shapes, the colors, the functionality, the style, oh it all makes me swoon! I love handbags so much! My "splurge" picks are the ones I would LOVE to have in my closet if I had, you know, $2500 to spend on EACH handbag...  see the "save" picks for some cheaper versions of those styles! What do you think of my picks? (Just a side note- The Kate Spade bag under "splurge" is almost $300 and the Michael Kors bag under "save" is also $300. This is the same amount of money. It's all about how you spend it! I consider a $300 prada-look alike a "save" and a $300 red Kate Spade satchel a splurge. It's all about how you look at something and choose to spend your money!)

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