5 Lovely Links

1. The 21 Most Important Selfies of 2015 - Read it here. This is seriously an amazing list you guys!! So much ridiculousness that is also awesome at the same time. Remember when selfies WEREN'T A THING?! Now they are such a part of our culture... isn't it crazy?? The guy above took a selfie while his wife was IN LABOR -- apparently she thought it was funny and was a good sport about it, though.

2. Nudity Was the New Black (Tie) - check out a year in fashion here

3. Serial is BACK!!! Take a listen here or download the podcast on your phone

4. Every Single L.A. Times 'Star Wars' Movie Review from 1977 to 2005 - check them out here

5. People Who Feel Younger at Heart Live Longer - I think I've shared this before but just another reminder to stay playful :) check out the article here. This lady lived to be 122.

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