New Year's Resolutions - 2016

Hey all! Happy Monday! It's about time I post about my New Year's Resolutions, don't you think? While I have a lot of goals for 2016, I'm not going to share them all on here because well, some of them are just more personal and/or you might not find them very interesting!

I have broken them up into a few categories:

- Be less wasteful  (bring a mug to work, print when necessary, etc.)
- Ask for a raise
- Find more ways to positively deal with stress (take a walk, take a deep breath, read a positive quote at my desk)
- Thank coworkers more often for their hard work
- Be cheery (especially in the morning)
- Bring lunch and snacks to work! (good for the environment and my budget)
- Bring treats every so often for the office to enjoy!

- Bring back the following series: 1) LA Favorites  2) How-to  3) Tips and Tricks
- Continue to strive for aesthetically pleasing photos
- Learn to use editing software to better edit the lighting and contrast in my photos
- Make more appealing collages
- Comment daily on other people's blogs and build relationships with bloggers and brands
- Create monthly printables for my blog subscribers??
- Keep an editorial calendar
- Get a mailbox?? For blog mail

- Go on romantic dates once a month
- Have date night once every two weeks
- Exercise together
- Express appreciation, love and kindness
- Keep a budget
- Save money
- Be less wasteful
- Exercise
- Enjoy life
- Seek out nature
- Read
- Practice gratitude
- Record short videos every day (video journal) detailing what happened that day  
- Explore

What are your New Year's Resolutions, if you have any?

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