What to Read Wednesday

Happy hump day babes!! I hope everyone is having a great week! My week has been a little crazy! All the students are back at school so everyone is dropping by the office for help and questions and stuff. I've also been able to do some fun things after work like yoga and a movie (we saw the new Leo movie last night) so that's been great!

I read four books over the holiday break, three of which were in a series called "The Chronos Files" by Rysa Walker. Book one "Timebound", was my favorite of the series. The other two are called "Time's Edge" and "Time's Divide." The series is definitely more "young adult" than I normally like -- the characters are dealing with high school issues like young romance which I wasn't too crazy about, but the time travel part of the books was fun and pretty interesting. As the books go on they get a little bit strange but they are definitely an easy read. There is an element of faux-religious fundamentalism (a made up religion/cult) so if that kind of thing offends you, this may not be the book series for you.

What are you reading lately?

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