Valentine's Day Inspo

Happy Hump Day! Stressed about V-day? Have no fear - There's still time to get some cute V-day themed gear! The dress I linked is on sale and check out the Valentino Rockstud look-alike heels! Woohoo! Is anyone planning to stay home and drink a bottle of wine in their pajamas...? (Ummm, that sounds amazing, btw.) How about cuddling up with a romcom (or the complete opposite...?) In all seriousness, I know Valentine's Day is depressing to some people. And if you're one of those people, just know, I feel you. I used to hate Valentine's Day because it was a reminder of how unloved I felt (after a breakup) or how I hadn't met anyone who treated me well yet (every other girl seemed to be getting flowers and expensive dinners?) And yes, I do have a wonderful S.O. now, but guess what? We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day! Seriously why put so much pressure on one day of the year? Love is something to celebrate every day of the year. Instead of thinking about Valentine's Day as a symbol of love I look at it as an excuse to put up sparkly house decorations and wear pink and red on repeat :) The point is: if you're single (or taken!) wear some pink and red, grab some friends, some wine (or something stronger,) and stay in for a movie. If you're in a relationship, don't put so much hype around one day out of the year as though gestures on this day are supposed to sum up your entire relationship and amount of affection for each other. Honestly, I plan to use it as an excuse to treat myself and get a fresh mani/pedi and indulge in some chocolate (that I am happy to buy myself, thanks!) I hope that helps. Just remember to LOVE YOURSELF, because that is the most important relationship you're in! Love you all, thanks for reading!

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