How to Style Leggings

Whoever said leggings aren't pants was so, so wrong. Style icons Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been killing the off-duty-model game, donning the workout staple and looking ridiculously chic doing so. Take notes from the experts and read on for how to wear leggings stylishly.

Outfit One: Leggings + leather jacket + crop top + sneakers + aviators

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Outfit two: Leggings + sweater tied around shoulders + adidas + mirrored aviators

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Outfit three: Leggings + long coat + crop top + boots + you guessed it... aviators (oh and a chic handbag with pom doesn't hurt, either)

Outfits four and five: Leggings + bomber jackets + black sneakers + sunnies

Need we say more? 

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