If you look up logomania in the dictionary, it will tell you the definition is "abnormal talkativeness." Those of us in the fashion world, however, know better than the average bibliophile. Logomania refers to, quite plainly, the desire to wear brand logos on clothing and accessories for everyone to see, rather than talking a more discreet approach to fashion.

Vogue predicted the comeback of the logo in a January article earlier this year. It's not uncommon for fashionistas to proudly display the logos of their favorite brands, (*ahem* Louis Vuitton.) But what about fast fashion brands? Less... luxe, more... accessible. Say, Forever 21?

That's exactly what the fast fashion retailer is up to these days. And it's almost satirical.

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But should we really be surprised? Forever 21 is known for pumping out trendy clothing in a short amount of time. Why wouldn't the logomania apply to them? We'll see if the trend catches on and if the $8.90 tee hits the streets or the trash bins.

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