8 Spring Date Ideas (many of which are free!)

1. Go on a picnic!
A spring picnic is the cutest date ever! There are lots of cute places to picnic in LA. If you are looking to head to a beautiful part of the coast that's not overcrowded, Point Vicente lighthouse is a nice spot with shaded picnic tables, a path for walking and a beautiful view. Bonus: There are lighthouse tours every second Saturday of the month!

2. Go on a hike.
This is a classic activity whether you are entertaining family from out of town, getting active with friends or bonding with your SO. Griffith, Runyon, The Sunken City and the Wisdom Tree are popular LA destinations. White Point Preserve is another fairly easy hike that I enjoy for an ocean breeze and coastal views.

3. Go paddleboarding! 
This is on my list for spring/summer 16!! I've never done it and I'd like to try!

4. Go for a walk on the beach. 
This is a year round favorite for SH and me since we live in a gorgeous climate. Head out at sunset for a romantic end to your day.

 5. Try something new together. 
Whether it's a workout class, pottery throwing, painting or cooking, get together with your beau or best friend and have a new experience together!

6. Cook a springy meal together. 
Some spring go-tos include greek salad and deviled eggs.

7. Binge watch a TV show and don't feel bad about it. 
Yes it's spring, but not all spring days are warm and beautiful or have to be spent outside! Laze about in your pajamas and binge watch, baby, binge watch. Take it up a notch from Netflix and chill.

8. Have a fitness battle. 
After your binge watching mayyybe you need to get that blood pumping. See who takes the most steps in a day and the loser buys dinner :)

*Also, congrats to the giveaway winner, Linda R! Check your email! :)

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