Flight to Catalina Island!

Happy Monday! So...

Did I ever tell you guys about the day SH and I flew to Catalina Island??!

#nofilter :-p
As some of you may know, my boyfriend, (aka SH,) is a pilot and is very avid about all things airplanes. He eats, breathes, and sleeps airplanes (every book or magazine he reads are practically all aviation related!) He co-owns an airplane and we flew it with our friend Mike to Catalina Island a few weekends ago. It takes less than an hour to get there from where we are in SoCal so we popped over and had lunch at the airport restaurant. It was soo delicious!!

Buffalo burgers om nom nom

Did you know Catalina Island has buffaloes? Random, right?

View of the island from the air

When you get to the airport it looks like this:

And you find your way to the cute little restaurant which looks like this:

Isn't it charming?? It looks like a vineyard, no??

The outside patio where we ate. We saw a fox too!! He was very cute and got very close to us humans!

It was such a beautiful day, we got really lucky with the weather. After lunch we took the airport trail and went for a little hike. These views are NOT filtered - it's the real deal! So gorgeous! If you get the chance to visit Catalina sometime, I highly recommend it!

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