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Hey beauties!! Sorry for the lapse in posting, I have had a crazy couple of weeks with two BEAUTIFUL back to back weddings, changing jobs, travel, etc. But I'm back in action with an awesome guest post from my blogger friend Thays of Silly Crazy Me! I'm super excited for you to meet her today and if you don't follow her on social media or read her blog yet, you need to! She is all about being fashionably unfashionable, or finding your own way in the fashion world and wearing what makes you, YOU! She also operates on a budget which I love! Here are her picks for Mother's Day which is THIS SUNDAY!! Read on for her post :) 


Hello friends! My name is Thays and I write a fashion blog, Silly Crazy Me. I am so happy to be a guest blogger on my friend Christine’s blog. She is the sweetest human being and I wish she did not live all the way in California!

Since mother’s day is just around the corner, I thought I would share with you guys 6 gift ideas that you can give your mother this year. The best part is that they are all under 50 dollars. On my blog, I try my best to only share things that are at a reasonable price range because most of us do not have a crazy amount of money to spend.

The types of gifts I love giving my mom is things that I know she will use. My mom is someone who loves to take care of herself! She always goes to the gym and worries a lot about her beauty/health. You have to remember that each mom is different so you still need to make sure that what you are giving her is something that you know she will love.
  1.  MAMA BEAR: I thought that this shirt was the cutest thing and it is perfect to just wear around the house on lazy days. Since I am a graphic design major in college, fonts and graphics are very important to me. I thought that this shirt had a lovely feminine font and the little heart at the end adds a nice touch.
  2.  COOK BOOK: I chose the book Cravings by Chrissy Teigen because first I love her and secondly this book is amazing. It gives you perfect recipes for days that you feel like dumping your diet. Since my mom is always working out, I thought this book would be nice for her to try whenever she wants to have a break from being healthy.  You can choose a cookbook that goes with the types of food your mother loves. Maybe that is Italian or even a vegan.
  3. SKIN CARE:  Most moms never have time to do anything for themselves. They are always busy worrying about their kids, work, and everything else. On mother’s day, I love to pamper my mom. I do not have the money to buy her a facial or a massage, but I do have money to buy little goodies that she can use for herself. This can include face masks, lush bath bombs, lotions, or anything else that will make her feel amazing/relaxed. I heard that the brand Purity was great so I popped it on the list in case you wanted to try it.
  4. PRETTY NAILS: I do not know about your mom but my mom is always getting her nails done…at least once ever 2-3 weeks. Since she loves having pretty nails, I thought I would add nail polish to the list of gifts. I love Essie nail polish because of all the different colors they have. My favorite is urban jungle!
  5.  ART PRINTS: As you guys read before, I am a graphic design major. So, I love posters and art. I was searching online for good companies that sell high quality posters when I found Society 6. They have some really cute designs for a not so crazy price. I think prints are a great gift for moms because you can find something she likes and frame it so that she can put it around her house.
  6. MAKEUP: I am the type of person who will walk into Sephora and walk out with no money. I absolutely love makeup and I think it is a great gift to give your mom. Whenever I say makeup, it does not mean you have to give her lipsticks or foundations. Instead, you can give her other makeup essential or even a gift card. I know that some moms don’t really like to wear makeup and that is okay. Maggs London is a company that sells adorable makeup bags that can be used in different ways. Usually what I do for my mom is get her a little cute bag and put all her gift inside it. This way she can keep that bag to store whatever she wants.

I hope that this post helped you come up with some ideas to give your mother this year. Don’t forget to shop for YOUR mom. Maybe my list wasn’t exactly what your mom would love and that’s okay. Use these last few days before mother’s day to get to know your mom. Think about what she always wears or enjoys doing. Then go out and buy her something or make something that she will love. Because at the end of the day, your mother will love whatever you get her…even if that is one big hug.


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