Los Angeles Business Journal Women's Summit

Today I went to the Los Angeles Business Journal Women's Summit for work! I'm so grateful I got to hear from so many inspiring women in business.

Here are some key things I learned that I hope you'll find helpful, too!

1. Ask for what you need
Too often women are too shy to ask for what they need. A woman might never ask for it or might ask for it when it's a little too late. Don't be afraid to speak up! Let your voice be heard! What you have to say is important and you should voice your concerns. Do you think (stereotypically) a man has trouble asking for what he needs?

2. You can't be good at everything
Figure out what you're bad at (if you don't already know) and delegate/outsource to someone who can do it better than you. It's fine to want to learn new skills but some things we will just never be exceptional at and that's okay. Don't shoot yourself in the foot because you're trying to be perfect at everything.

3. Life and business are like a sport
Grab your people, create a team, rely on each other, practice, practice, practice. Some days you'll win the game and others you'll lose. Keep picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and get back in the game.

4. Success requires an army
See item #2. You can't do it alone. You need to know who your people are, have faith in yourself, and build a community who will support you on your way to greatness.

5. Have a model for your life
Define your purpose, visualize yourself achieving your goals and realizing your dreams, make a roadmap on how to get there, practice and persevere. If you need some ideas of what to strive for, try finding someone to admire/emulate. Read biographies for inspiration (they don't have to be women!)

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