Top 26 Moments of Being 26

Hey blog family!! I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday! Guess what... Today is... MY BIRTHDAY!! :D I am 27 today so I thought it would be fitting to do a list of my top 26 moments of being 26. In no particular order...

1. Family trip to England and Scotland!! I loved seeing the Churchill War Rooms and Big Ben, visiting the apartment I lived in in South Kensington when I studied abroad in college, walking through Hyde Park with SH, going to HARRY POTTER WORLD and seeing so many amazing costumes, sets, props, the great hall, getting to ride on a broom around the Hogwarts grounds... Going to Scotland and seeing Dunnottar Castle, visiting the cutest little seaside town, Stonhaven, staying at cute little bed and breakfasts, etc. I fell in love with Scotland on this trip.

2. Going to the TSwift concert with my momma! 1989 World Tour what what! I've seen Tay three times in concert, she's seriously amazing, I don't care what Kim K says.

3. Having Mart and Char come visit me and Dana and Ben! It's always so much fun having friends in town, I love it. We went to Malibu Farm Cafe and walked around Malibu a bit, had drinks at Chateau Marmont, saw a comedy show, and Char actually comes in town this weekend for my bday!! Can't wait!

4. Watching the new Star Trek movie with SH, my mom and dad and some frandz at The Irvine Meadows Amphitheater.

5. It wasn't a favorite moment but it was a big one -- helping my parents pack up our Bay Area house so they could make the move down to Southern California. Now I love that they live down here!

6. Latte Art class with Angela at Blue Bottle -- so much fun. I definitely recommend taking a latte art class if you are into coffee and want something fun to do for a couple of hours.

7. The Vanity Fair Emmy's Party at WeWork LA in Hollywood - super awesome hearing Matthew Weiner's interview.

8. Wine tasting in Temecula with Ang and Megan! Falkner Winery and Leoness were lovely. Really loved Temecula. I can't wait to go back.

9. Going to the Tswift exhibit at The Grammy Museum with my coworkers -- oh em gee loved it!

10. Taking SH to the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

11. Visiting SH's fam in Illinois in October.

12. Camping in Joshua Tree and seeing James Van Der Beek at the Route 62 Diner!

13. Seeing the Cabazon Dinos on our drive home - sooo weird/cool!

14. Dressing up as Elsa for Halloween and going to sushi with friends, and on our way to dinner a little girl stopped and looked at me and said "HI ELSA!!" and I basically just melted.

15. Going to Stylecon!

16. Going to the Queen Mary Chill with SH and mom and dad and tubing down an ice slide and seeing a bunch of amazing ice sculptures.

17. Hiking at White Point Nature Preserve with SH.

18. Flying to SD, going to the SD Zoo with SH and seeing all the animals :)

19. Our one day skiing trip to Big Bear and the snow chain adventures, lol.

20. Taking a bus trip to Lompoc and watching the Spacex launch.

21. Making my first King Cake for Mardi Gras!

22. Molly's bachelorette weekend wine tasting and chilling at her family's beach house and celebrating the love her and Matt have for each other!

23. Angela's bday tea at the Langham Hotel!

24. Aunt Jackie and Uncle Larry coming to visit Adam and us all hanging out at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles!

25. Visiting my East Coast fam and going to Reading Terminal Market and eating allll the delicious food!

26. Justin Bieber concert!!

Flying to Catalina for lunch with SH and Mike -- eating the most delicious bison burgers ever!
Dana and Ben's wedding!!
Molly and Matt's wedding!!
Hiking in Muir woods with Richie and Lisa!
Taking the ferry to Catalina with mom and dad for mom's bday :)
Staying at The Saguaro in Palm Springs with Mike and Melissa and SH!!
Visiting the Palm Springs Aviation Museum
Going to see The Little Mermaid at The Hollywood Bowl with Ang!
Seth and Melissa's wedding!!
The yummiest breakfast at Issaquah Cafe
Hand lettering
Bus trip to Montana... Everything about Glacier National Park - horseback riding, all the delicious food Sarah made for us, the 5 hour long hike in the rain where we got kind of lost
Sitting on the beach with mom
Mom mom and pop pop visiting our new home in SoCal
Everything about the new home in SoCal

Whew! As you can see I went way over my list of 26 things. I'm very grateful that I got to travel so much and spend so much time with SH, family, and friends. I feel pretty good about this past year but it definitely had its own growing pains -- quitting my job at university and starting a new job has been tough. I moved AGAIN lol but this time was a little easier than the last... four times, I must admit. I'm still not making as much money as I should be/would like to be. I had a lot/am having a lot of growing pains at work. My blog is not where I 100% want it to be (but I think this will always be a work in progress.) Some friendships changed, others deepened, others drifted. There have been lots of family things happening, most good. 26 was definitely a year of change for me. Lots of change. I hope that 27 can be a year of positive growth and more of an upward trend of success. It would be nice to see some benefits from work I put in in a few areas of my life.

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