Que Shiraz, Shiraz with The Closet Dime!

Hey everyone!! Happy day before Thanksgiving! We celebrated our Thanksgiving early (last Saturday) and let me tell you -- it is so nice to have a whole extra week to get ready for Christmas! I feel so relaxed and it's pretty nice not having to scramble to get to the grocery store to buy more green beans... Instead I can focus on getting my Christmas shopping done early and making my list and checking it twice. Speaking of Christmas, do you have any holiday parties coming up? A bottle of wine is always a nice gift for the host/hostess, don't you think? Check out this super cute wine bag I got from The Closet Dime Etsy Shop! It says Que Shiraz, Shiraz (Shiraz is also known as Syrah and is a red wine) -- so cute right!? The best thing about these bags? They won't break the bank! You can buy a gift bag at a store for like $3-$5... and it's paper. This is reusable and more environmentally friendly and is only $8! Head to The Closet Dime Etsy Shop here to shop some other cute products like really cute canvas make up bags or cute Christmas themed shirts. If you use the code CLOSET at checkout before DECEMBER 1st, you'll receive 20% off your order!

If you want to buy this exact canvas bag, head here!

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