Gearing up for a new year

With the year coming to a close, I've been thinking a lot about improvements I want to make in 2017. What can I do to workout more? To spend more quality time with friends and loved ones? To spruce up my living space? While I may still be contemplating my workout routine and social calendar, I've got the living space thing covered with Pixers.

No More Holes

One of the difficulties I've run into in my twenties while living in LA is that I move a lot. This means that I'm constantly putting holes in my rented apartment walls, only to, a year later, pack up my paintings and frantically try to spackle the holes in the walls that I've created. Landlords, generally speaking, don't love when tenants put lots of holes in their walls. (Guilty.) And often they won't let you paint the walls, either. Hello, depressing shade of off white that apartments normally come with. Oh how I wish I had known about Pixers the year that I lived in three different apartments!

Pixers offers durable, matte, reusable wall murals that stick to the walls and don't ruin the paint job in your home when you peel them off. (Hello, more rent deposit to keep when you move!) Plus some of the wall murals are washable, so if they get stained, say, in the kitchen or in a child's bedroom, or, let's face it, because you tripped and spilled red wine all over your wall, you can just use a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

Something for Everyone

Pixers offers a wide variety of bright, fun, patterned wall murals that are sure to meet anybody's interior decorating taste. You don't have to change your whole apartment or house to liven up a space and there are millions (yes, millions!) of products to choose from on the Pixers website.

Earth Prints

Want to create a feeling of positive energy and light in your eating area? Try incorporating this colorful, whimsical tree. How gorgeous would this tree of life be in a drab dining area? Did I mention the wall mural is eco-friendly? Saving the planet is so chic.

Vinyl Wall Mural: Old Tree #FO49995681 from Pixers

Or maybe you're looking for something that will make you feel like you're on vacation even when you're still at home? You might not be able to afford that trip to Hawaii, but you can stare at your walls and pretend you're in paradise.

Vinyl Wall Mural: Seamless Exotic Pattern with Abstract Palm Leaves and Colibri #FO124358880 from Pixers

City Scenes 

Or maybe your apartment has more of an artsy, hipster vibe? How unique of you :) Go with something like this:
Washable Wall Mural: Street Scene #FO41338211 from Pixers

The best part? The murals can move with you when you move on to your next home. Cue tears from landlord who loves you dearly for not painting or putting holes in his walls.

Transport You to Another World 

Maybe nature or city scenes aren't your thing. Maybe you just want to come home and experience the haven that is your 400 square foot apartment. Try something that will transport you out of this world of dreary desk jobs and $4 lattes that you can't afford. I love how dreamy this hot air balloon in a sea of clouds is. I feel so relaxed just looking at it, don't you?

Vinyl Wall Mural: Air Balloon On Sky #FO49789348

I can't wait to kiss 2016 goodbye and welcome 2017 with open arms (and funky wall murals.)

A big thank you to Pixers for sponsoring this post. 

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