Lace Up Top and OTK Boots

TOP: You can get a very similar short sleeve tshirt version on my top here for less than $30 and all sizes and colors are still available! If you want a long sleeve version that looks more like mine I'd say go for this one which is $45. I love the lace up trend I think it is so cute. I've also seen a number of cute lace up sweatshirts which I've linked below!

JEANS: I've had these for a while and you all know I preach Joe's Jeans all day everyday so here are some more Joe's Jeans picks (you can almost ALWAYS find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack.) A lot of Joe's Jeans are on sale right now >> these (were $179, now they are 50% off!!!) these are 40% off (sizes 29 and up available) and last but not least, these are 40% off with limited sizes available. 

BOOTS: Okay over the knee boots are still selling out like crazy so I couldn't find this exact pair I'm wearing but these are very similar (lighter shade of brown.)
This pair is more like the black ones I own that I'm wearing in this post but I wanted to share them because they're too cute to pass up and lots of sizes are still available! Oh and did I mention they're on sale?? (Less than $90 which is a STEAL for boots!)

SUNNIES: I got these c/o from ZeroUV and honestly I thought they were a little weird looking when I first took them out of the package, but they totally grew on me and now I just LOVE wearing them!! You know how some things look bad off but look great on?? These are that type of item. My boyfriend calls them my bug eye glasses :) They are HUGE and they make me feel like a movie star! Anyway these are similar and you can check out ZeroUV sunnies here

BAG: Louis Vuitton Monogram Palermo PM Bag and my babyyy

EARRINGS: my favorite every day studs

the large circular one is from Tahiti and is made out of shell with a Tahitian black pearl on it. The one on the gold chain is from my boyfriend and you can shop it here. People always ask me about it because you can't read what it says until you spin it and then it displays a secret message :) How cool is that?

Hope you all have a fab Monday!!! Thanks for reading!


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