What Every New Home Kitchen Needs

As some of you know, my boyfriend recently moved to the Seattle area and is settling into a new home. I'm here with him now for the long weekend which has been so great! We just made grilled cheese and tomato soup (yum!) and while we were cooking we noticed that he's still missing some key kitchen items (like a plastic spatula.) So, he asked me to compile a kitchen shopping list for his new home. These are items every well-stocked kitchen should have!

Plates, Bowls, Cups, Mugs, Silverware, Napkins, Placemats
- This 18-piece dinnerware set is a good starter. You get 6 bowls, 6 dinner plates and 6 dessert plates for only $30! They are microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe too.
- I also like this Rachael Ray set that comes with 4 bowls, 4 appetizer plates, 4 dinner plates and 4 mugs. They also come in a variety of pretty colors!
- Check out these 10 pub glasses for $17.99
- This is another best-seller on Amazon: 20-piece silverware set (for 4 people)
Mixing Bowls of All Sizes
- Stainless steel is preferred by many top chefs: this is a set of 6 for $22
- I prefer glass: this is a set of 10 for $23

Measuring Cups and Spoons
- Simply the best! Pyrex set of 3 measuring cups for $15 
- Another Amazon best-seller: stainless steel measuring spoons on sale for $10!

- I love OXO products - we have their avocado slicer and it's pretty sweet! Here is the OXO whisk for $10 

Cutting Board
- I used to use bamboo cutting boards but I actually found that I don't love bamboo or wooden cutting boards because they can be hard to clean. I like this set of 4 OXO cutting boards because they're labelled for what you're cutting - chicken, fish, veggies and red meat. This is a great way to make sure your home and family stays healthy and also is nice for vegans, vegetarians or pescatarians to avoid cross-contamination.

Meat Thermometer
- Meat thermometers can be tricky -- this one is very highly rated with over 4,000 reviews. It's important to find one that you like!

Oven Mitts
- My boyfriend has these silicone pinch oven mitts -- I'm clumsy so I prefer oven mitts that cover the entirety of my hands like these. These are on sale for $11 (normally $20!)

Cookie Sheets and Cooling Racks
- 3 piece nonstick cookie sheets of all the crucial sizes (10x15, 9x13, 11x17) 
- Non stick cooling racks - crucial for baking!

Set of Kitchen Knives
- This Cuisinart 15-piece stainless steel set of knives is ON SALE FOR $45!! It's normally $156!

Can Opener
- $12 for this one

Rubber Spatula
- Technically this is called a turner and this is called a spatula (hint: you need both) 

Wooden Spoon
- You know I love me some OXO! Wooden Spoon here

A Blender
- If you're a smoothie lover like me, The Magic Bullet is AMAZING because you can make a smoothie and then take off the blender and voila you have your smoothie cup to go!
- Blenders can get really expensive but this one is reasonably priced at $27.

Silpat Cooking Mat
- Everybody needs a Silpat Cooking Mat -- you save a ton of time cleaning up and can turn any pan  into a nonstick surface

Lunch Box Kits
- Lunch box kits 
- 42 piece set for $24! 

Slow Cooker
- Well worth the $49! This 6-quart crock pot

Rice Cooker
- This is actually a pressure cooker but I use it to cook rice :) You can use it for lots of different things though like as a slow cooker or to steam/warm/brown etc. It even says you can make yogurt with it but I'm not sure how you would do that!! 

- These are collapsible which is sweet because collander's can take up a ton of room in your cupboard! Also they are on sale for $13 right now (down from $22)

- Everyone needs a KitchenAid mixer!

Dutch Oven
- Dutch ovens can get expensive. This one is $36 and is cast iron!

Thanks for reading! I hope you like this list and that it helps you get settled into your new home!

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