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My boyfriend just moved into a new house so I'm helping him figure out what he needs for each room :) His old house came furnished so he's had to buy a lot of new stuff. Decorating a new place can be fun but it's definitely time consuming and can be a little overwhelming. Hopefully this will help him and some of you, too.

 I love white with gold accents, so I'm super into this faux marble table lamp and this gold painted side table. I really like rooms to be bright and well-lit, so I'm all about lamps, lamps, lamps. Mirrors are also good to have on the walls because they open up a room and make it brighter.

 Another item that brightens and livens up a space is a plant. I really like how big green leafy plants look in rooms, but in case you're not a plant person, you could always just get a print like the one I linked above. Isn't it nice? I'm big into gallery walls and Lulu and Georgia has a lot of bright, beautiful prints that would be perfect for a girly office or a super cute living space.

It's important to stay organized in your space, so make sure you have a place for your stuff. If you're anything like me you have a lot of books and candles. I have so many and not enough places to put them. I'm planning to get a bookcase like this one for my room for my books, candles, makeup and jewelry. That's the great thing about bookcases, you can put your stuff on display on them and make it look artistic and pretty.

The last important thing about setting up a living space is to pick out a good color scheme that reflects your personality and/or how you want to feel in your home. I recommend browsing pinterest for some color pairing ideas, or you could always head to your local home depot and pick up some paint swatches. It's a good idea to look at what you already own to determine what color scheme you might already have going on, and then build off of that when you go to buy more stuff.

So, what do you think of my picks? Also in case you need it, here is a helpful article of 33 places to shop for home decor online. It has a lot of really good links including some places I had never heard of. Thanks as always for reading!

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