Fall Wardrobe Building

Hey friends! Happy Hump Day! Fall is my favorite season and it might seem crazy that I'm thinking about flannels, rainboots and trench coats when it's literally 90 degrees in LA, but I can't help it! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just around the corner and I want to help you get ready! It's time to take an inventory of your fall/winter wardrobe and figure out what it is you already have, what you might be missing, and what you really want or need to upgrade/replace. Time to get you started thinking about your fall wardrobe! There's no sense in buying something you already have! For example, I already have a gorgeous pair of black OTK boots, so I won't be buying a second pair this season! There are some things I like to have multiples of, like jeans, so I'll walk you through which items you need for fall and which you might be able to forgo.

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1. Plaid Flannel. First things first -- often we build our entire outfit around a flannel, jeans and boots in the fall! If you don't have any flannels I def recommend getting one and I love a good red.

2. High Waisted Jeans. These aren't for everyone but this pair particularly speaks to me and is in my shopping cart!

 3. Plaid Scarf. Must. Have. Scarves sold out SO FAST last year during the #NSale. This one is already on backorder! One of my favorite scarves is the leopard one I got during the #NSale a few years back!

 4. Over the Knee Boots. Another must have for fall but only if it's your style! That goes for anything but OTK boots can be particularly tricky and not everyone likes them on! I have a pair of suede Steve Madden's that I LOVE.

 5. Chambray Shirt. This one has a cute ruffle detail. It's a great transitional piece as it can be worn in summer tied around your waist when you're wearing a cute striped t-shirt dress, and then can be worn as a shirt when the temps start to drop.

 6. Ankle Boots. Everybody needs a pair of neutral ankle boots!! I have a few pairs of ankle boots and my favorite ones are heeled because they look super cute with dresses and jeans. Another great transitional piece.

 7. Hunter Rain Boots. These should be on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so don't buy these just yet! Read my post about #NSale strategy here!

 8. Striped boatneck. I have this shirt, I'm in love. It's so comfy and perfectly classic. I bought it to replace an old faded gap red/white boatneck that I had for years and wore to death.

 9. Distressed skinnies. Need I say more?

 10. Longchamp Tote. I have this in a gorgeous dark red/burgundy color, I just love it, it's perfect for fall because it can get rained on and not get ruined. I've ever thrown mine in the wash! It reminds me of going back to school because I used it in college and grad school to carry all my books and laptop :)

 11. Camel Trench. Another fall staple! This one is at a great price too! Whew ok! That is my list of what you need to build a solid fall wardrobe! All of the pieces above can be mixed and matched and worn in so many different ways which is really the best part!

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