Dog Toy Review for a Heavy Chewer

Meet Max, our rescue pup! SH and I resuced Max a few months ago. He is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to us. We just love him to death!

Max is a very well-behaved dog in the sense that he doesn't chew our possessions (thank God.) But he does chew his toys very vigorously. He especially loves chewing the fuzz off of tennis balls and even goes as far as chewing the tennis balls in half. Silly doggo!

Because we are worried about Max's health and safety and don't want him eating rubber, we have been experimenting with different toys to see what can withstand his heavy chewing habits.

Keep reading for the chew test winners and losers.

1. Stuffed Duck
I was sooo excited about this stuffed duck because it has so many amazing reviews on Amazon! This was one of the first toys we bought Max so we didn't really know the extent of his love for ruining toys yet. *insert eye roll here* He destroyed mr.ducky in, I'd say, less than 30 minutes? Maybe even less?
 This one doesn't make the cut for our heavy chewer.

2. Tennis Balls
I try to buy tennis balls specifically for dogs because I've read mixed things online about whether non dog tennis balls are treated with chemicals that dogs shouldn't be licking/eating. (If you know anything about this, please comment below!) Like I said Max eats the fuzz off of tennis balls, so they aren't great for him to just play with on his own. We play fetch with him at least twice a day and he loves chasing the ball around for that, but for some chew/play time I would say tennis balls don't make the cut for our heavy chewer.

3. Rope Toys
I think these are probably his favorite and they withstand his heavy chewing pretty well. When the rope starts to fray too much I usually take it away or use it only for fetch and tug because otherwise he will sit and eat the rope. This boy loves to eat fuzz and rope threads! The best rope toys for our heavy chewer tend to be thick rope with multiple knots, like this one:
We buy ours at Petsmart or Target. Thick double knotted rope toys make the cut for our heavy chewer!

4.  XL Kong Extreme
Ok I have to tell you we bought ours at Petsmart for over $20 and here it is on Amazon for less than $10! This is supposed to be the most durable Kong out there for heavy chewers. So far so good! Max hasn't been able to chip any rubber off of it yet, and mostly he just entertains himself licking the peanut butter out of the middle :) This definitely makes the cut for our heavy chewer!
5. BarkBox
We recently subscribed to BarkBox and unfortunately the plush toys in our first box did not prove durable, Max destroyed them in minutes :( I'm still glad we got the box, though, because we got two bags of treats (one of which Max really loves,) and a big bag of beef bully sticks. So I don't think it was a waste, but I hope that the toys improve because I even indicated on the survey that he is a heavy chewer. So we'll see.

I hope you find this post helpful! Let me know if your heavy chewer has any favorite toys!

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