Wedding Registry Hacks

It's getting real, y'all. SH and I are getting married in FOUR MONTHS! We are super excited!! So much of my brain space occupies the wedding these days, so I want to impart some wedding wisdom on you -- can I get a #weddingwednesday?

Here's what's on our registry and trust me -- I have scoured the internet for every "what to put on your registry" checklist out there. And surprise -- they missed some things.  Here's what the other lists missed:

1. Nice table linens
Is it just my mom and me, or do y'all love table linens, too?! The thing is, I don't like spending a lot of money on them so I scour Target for sales or check out estate sales for a good deal. We have registered for a thanksgiving tablecloth and a Christmas tablecloth (with matching napkins.) I am SO EXCITED to use these I can't even tell you. Plus, they will go great with our...

2. Matching dishes
Oh, the matching dishes. I have always prided myself on liking mismatched dishware. All throughout college, my early twenties, my mid-twenties, I have loved my mismatched plates and bowls. I just decided one day that part of being a grownup is having matching dishware. In fact, I got so hung up on the matching dishes that I wrote a short creative non fiction piece about it. (If you'd like to read the piece, email me at We finally picked the Emma collection and let me tell you, they are SO BEAUTIFUL in our home. So much more beautiful than they were in the store! Something about the lighting in the store made the color look off, but in our home they look like the ivory color they are supposed to be :) I really, truly, looove them.

3. Fluffy high quality towels
Nice, fluffy towels are such a luxury. A quality towel turns a routine into a luxurious and enjoyable experience. We registered for these in three colors -- one for me, one for SH, and one for guests. I recommend getting at least two per person.

4. Board games
Codenames is a super fun party game to play with friends! We had 11 people over the other week and this was an easy game to play with that many people because you play on teams. We had an absolute blast! Cards Against Humanity is another party favorite.

5. Camping gear
SH and I love camping and hopefully will start going more often now that we live in the Pacific Northwest. One thing we already have that we love is a two-person sleeping bag. I definitely recommend registering for one of those if you don't have one already! We registered for a two person hammock and a camping utensil set.

6. A carving knife
Because that Thanksgiving turkey isn't going to carve itself!

7. Invitation and picture double frame
If you're sentimental like me, you'll want to frame your wedding invitation, as well as your wedding photos. This frame lets you do both.

8. Himalayan salt plate
This is a neat way to cook and not too expensive, but still luxurious enough that you can throw it on your registry.

9. Marble serving board
Is there anything more chic than marble in a kitchen? I'm in love with this cost effective one (it's under $30.)

10. Guest bedding
Don't forget to ask for a nice set of sheets and a comforter for any out of town guests you might have. They'll thank you for it! If you read yesterday's post about how to make your bedroom a sanctuary, you'll see what retailer I recommend for high quality bedding for less.

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