How to Decorate for Thanksgiving in Five Easy Steps

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! My fiancé and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our home for the first time this year – I feel so grown up! One of the things I remember most about Thanksgiving at my parents' home (aside from the awesome food) was the beautiful table décor my mom would put out every year. Every Thanksgiving I knew I could depend on my mom to create a beautiful centerpiece of flowers, or floating candles or whatever else she cooked up that year. We always had dinner in our formal dining room and lit the tapered candles, used the fancy china and tablecloth, and had a wonderful meal.

Hosting for Thanksgiving can seem really daunting but I promise you’ll feel much better if you set up your table to look beautiful. Everything else will fall into place and worst case scenario, you burn the turkey and eat mashed potatoes all evening off your fancy china :)

How to Decorate for Thanksgiving in Five Easy Steps:

1) Bring out the nice tablecloth. I bought this one on Amazon for $24 (it has pumpkins on it! I love it so much!)
2) Bring out the matching napkins. I bought this set on Amazon to match my tablecloth for $25
3) You guessed it – bring out the napkin rings. These ones are on Amazon for $18.There's also some really nice ones here.
4) Use candlesticks and tapered candles. My grandma gave me hers before she died so they are really special to me. I bought purple tapered candles at an estate sale for $4. I can’t wait to use them!
5) If you want to get really fancy, make place cards for your guests so they know where to sit.

How do you plan to spruce up your Thanksgiving table this year? Comment below!

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