Winter Wardrobe Building

Hey friends! Happy Humpday! One week until Thanksgiving, woohoo!! You know what that means... A little over a week until Black Friday starts! I'll be going over allll the Black Friday deals in another post, but today I want to help you get ready for winter! Winter is in full swing here in Seattle and Christmas is just around the corner. It will be here before you know it! It's time to take inventory of your winter wardrobe and figure out what you already have, what you're missing, and what you really want to upgrade or replace so you can start making your Christmas wishlist (and checking it twice!) I'll walk you through which items you need for your winter wardrobe and which you might be able to forgo.

1. Cozy Sweater - There are a TON of sweaters I'm loving right now but here are the major players: (I have the purple one with pockets in tan/black stripes and wear it all the time.)

2. OTK and Riding Boots - one of the pairs I linked is on sale for $65 and they still have all sizes! That's an INSANE deal! The riding boots I linked are also 30% off.

3. Trusty Denim - you've seen me in this pair a lot and they are on sale!All the denim I linked are at least 33% off!

4. Rain Boots - Hunter is the way to go! The first one pictured is 25% off and Hunter boots hardly EVER go on sale!

5. Pom Pom Beanie - this one is only $15!

6. Mittens - even better if they are water resistant and tech compatible like these

7. Trench/Rain Coat - The first one pictured is 35% off and comes in six colors! The pink trench is gorgeous and 25% off too.

8. Cutest Ankle Bootie - perfect to wear for Thanksgiving! Love this one 

9. Scarves - the leopard one (under $20) was restocked and we all love a good plaid scarf!

10. Earrings That Go With Everything

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