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Some of my favorite things to shop for are cozy items for the home! I've put together a gift guide for you to help you shop for your sister, your mother, your girlfriend, or maybe yourself? Lol. Around this time of year I like to think about what I'd like to accomplish in the coming year, what I'd like to acquire and what I'd like to leave behind (that can be anything from skills to possessions to habits, etc.) I like to think about how the items I gravitate toward might be a reflection of my inner workings, desires and dreams. 

I would like our home to be a haven of comfort, coziness, love and joy. 
I would like my home office to be a space that fosters creativity, inspiration, learning and manifesting my dreams. 
I would like to rid myself of negativity, and turn to positive affirmations, prayer and meditation for loving support and guidance. 
I would like to welcome love, connection, peace and fulfillment into our home and lives. 

What are some hopes and dreams you have for the coming year?

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