Maple and Mint has been re-branded!!

Hey guys!! I'm super excited because I finally did something I've been thinking about doing for a LONG TIME... I re-branded my blog!! Maple and Mint was my baby, it was my first real try at having a blog and I kept the name for over three years but it didn't properly capture what I was writing about and who I am. Style Update Blog is all about exactly what it sounds like... I am constantly updating my lifestyle, my personal style, my home style, and I want to blog about it and share it with you!! The only constant in life is CHANGE, and I wanted to capture that in the spirit and name of my blog. As a person I feel like I am always growing and learning and, in essence, updating! So that's how Style Update Blog came about and I am SO IN LOVE with my new website and I hope you are too!

I'm also thrilled to share my new podcast with you, Style Update Podcast, or SUP for short! Lol! I was thinking about what I wanted to name my podcast and honestly was just so thrilled that Style Update Podcast spells out SUP, so there you have it that's what it's called. In this first episode I am introducing myself and letting you know a little more of the personal side of who I am, sharing my journey and experience with anxiety in particular, and telling you a little more about the behind the scenes of how Style Update Blog was born.

Have a listen and have a FABULOUS weekend!! Happy December!!


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