Ruffle Sweater & Podcast Episode #2!

Is there any detail quite as good as a ruffle sleeve? This sweater caught my eye immediately when it was first on the Nordstrom website. Now there are fewer sizes available :( So I will link it but also include other awesome ruffle sweaters at the bottom of this post.

It's also Wednesday which means, new podcast episode! In today's episode I talk about dating advice I would give my younger self and how I manifested my partner who is now my fiance!
Press play!    

Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on the first episode!! I love connecting with you in this new way!
Now let's get into this sweater- this is the perfect ruffle sweater!! Wear it off the shoulder for a slightly sexier, yet cozy, vibe (I've seen a few bloggers wear it like that and it was super cute- I have not yet worn it like that myself.) Wear it with jeans to liven up an otherwise casual outfit. It's incredibly soft and the ruffle sleeves are just so fun, full and gorgeous!


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