#FeatureFriday! Meet Marieta of Outfit of the Day in Style

Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you, where do you come from, what's your story?! First of all I'd like to thank you for the awesome feature! Very happy to be a part of this series.
Hi everyone, I am Marieta--a senior analyst by day, a fashion blogger by night, a nature explorer by weekend, but before anything a mama to a very special little bug--focusing on what is worth spending time on in life! I am located in Los Angeles, but was born and raised in Europe. Education brought me to the UC Berkeley and "the rest is history!”

When/why did you start blogging? 
I started on Instagram in the Summer of 2016. I decided that I had grown too fond of my yoga pants after the birth of little bug and wanted to get out of this comfy habit and get to a bit of a more polished and professional look, so I decided to start posting everything I was wearing--no excuses... One post led to another and I started my blog in November of the same year. I have to say one of my colleagues told me hundreds of times I should start a fashion blog at least 8 years ago and I finally got the courage to do so.

Tell us about your blog name.

I guess my blog name was born when I came up with my Instagram account name: ootd_in_style - Outfit of the Day in Style as it best reflected what I was trying to achieve on my page. Of course, I do not post on the blog every single day, but still do so when it comes to Instagram, so I hope to be able to inspire women of all ages, because whether you are a young student, a working professional, a stay-at-home mama, or a loving grandma you are a WOMAN, someone’s role model, someone’s rock, someone’s right hand and we never go out of style!

What is your favorite kind of content to create?

Fashion posts are my favorite indeed - I love creating an outfit and feeling good about what I wear, but I have to say my favorite posts are those containing a bit of fashion history and humor, so that they are entertaining with a tad bit of education knitted somewhere in there.

What has surprised you about your blogging journey? Either about yourself or your blog?

Oh, I have to admit that bogging might have seemed easier initially, but in reality is actually takes time, quite a bit of time, and at times I am finding it to be quite challenging to keep up with all aspects that it involves.  

What has been a challenge you've faced this past year (related to your blog)

It would be similar to the above--just finding the time to devote to it given that I am a mama, have a demanding full time job and family and friends I love spending time with - striking a balance between all those is challenging at times indeed!

What do you hope 2018 will bring? Anything in particular you're looking forward to?

Before anything I hope it would bring us all health, happiness, success, excitement, love, sweet memories and pleasant surprises! In terms of the blog, I hope to continue to attract new readers and work with more brands and have the desire to explore and present more unconventional fashion ideas!

You have a great eye for style. What do you think about when putting at outfit together?
Well, thank you! I think about the colors and textures I am going to be combining, whether I need a statement piece in my clothing or as part of my accessories. Of course, I also look at my mood and what I "feel like wearing" that day, as I believe that you look best when you feel best, and that feeling can come from a pair of ripped jeans and a tee or a fitted sheath dress, depending on your mood!

What is the thing you turn to in your closet when you want to feel particularly beautiful? 
I have to admit, I love dresses, and those sure are my go-to item, so I would most likely reach to a sheath dress that looks figure flattering and powerful, but feminine at the same time.

If a new person is visiting your blog who doesn't know you.. which post would you love for them to read?!

Boy, as I said I love posts that have a sense of humor in them and I wish I has that every time I write one, hehe. A post that includes a video may also be a good way to get introduces to my fashion sense and see what I am all about along with the writing. A good example is Cream and Caramel Dream

Where do you turn for inspiration?
I suspect like most women, I enjoy a good red carpet show, however we all know life is not a walk to the Oscars every day, not even for actors, so I actually love visiting the web sites of my favorite brands, better yet walking into their stores and trying clothes on till I get tired of it--and trust me at times I have to be chased out of a changing room, hehe!
Thanks for joining us, Marieta! Make sure to follow her on @ootd_in_style on Insta. Happy Friday! Xx

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