New Year, New Skin Regimen!

Ladies, if you don't already have an under eye cream/ care system, 2018 is the year to get one. It's important to care for your under eye area to prevent pre-mature aging, crow's feet and reduce dark under eye circles. Lord knows I suffer from those dark circles, no matter how much sleep I get. I am so excited to share a product I recently tried and really enjoyed using, the T2 Oxygen Eye Cream from VII Code.

I look so scary in the morning!

The T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is silky smooth without feeling greasy. I have very sensitive eyes, like, when I go to the spa and they place cold, wet cloths on my eyes, my eyes start to hurt, so -- ya girl has real sensitive eyes/ under eye area. This cream did not bother my eyes whatsoever, in fact it leaves my under eye area feeling very soft and smooth. 

To use: I wash my face, moisturize with my regular moisturizer and then put this eye cream on before I prime my face and use my foundation. You can also apply morning and night. It minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, and helps with dark circles. I have noticed my eyes look brighter after using for a few weeks.

This eye cream is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and has chamomile and avocado in it! Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties (as well as being anti lots of other bad things, like bacteria.) Avocado has antioxidant carotenoids in it, which can help protect your skin from environmental damage which might otherwise lead to signs of aging! The packaging is nice too -- it comes in a cute pouch and a luxe container. 

I am so looking forward to continuing to reducing my dark circles and taking care of my skin before our wedding. We are a short 7 weeks away, so I'm in full blown treat-yo-self mode, trying to take care of every inch of myself from my head to my toes!

Happy New Year everyone, here's to an awesome 2018!

Thank you to VII Code for sponsoring this post.

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