Wedding Wednesday: Finding the Perfect Venue!

JK! There is no such thing as the *perfect* venue :) But, almost perfect will do.

I saw 19 venues before we finally found "the one." 19!!! I do not wish this upon anyone!!

Here's why I saw 19 venues before finding the venue of our dreams:

There were mixed feelings about:
- location
- vibe
- dates
- all the things

I knew I wanted it to be somewhere exquisitely beautiful - romantic, relaxed, peaceful yet fun. David wanted whatever I wanted. However, since David was in Seattle and I was in LA for 5 months of our engagement, it was difficult trying to see venues together. In fact, we didn't see a single venue together. David STILL hasn't seen our venue... his first time there will be at the rehearsal!!

It was also difficult to narrow down a location because our families are all spread out. His family is in Illinois and Iowa. My family is in New Jersey. My parents are in LA, where many of our friends are as well. Honestly, it was a mess. There were lots of tears. I was stressed.

I finally found one that felt right. So here is my number one recommendation to you as you are researching venues: Be clear about what the most important criteria is.

Is it cost? Look? Vibe? Size? Includes catering, parking, etc.?

Ultimately what was most important to me was the vibe. I knew I wanted it to feel relaxed yet classy. The most important thing to David was to have everyone he loved there. So we decided it wasn't feasible for me to plan a wedding in Illinois from LA/Seattle... so we chose a venue that was within 20 minutes of an airport so our families could easily access the venue after their long days traveling.

Prioritize. Compromise. Pray. Your venue is out there!

I will talk more about how I knew the final venue I saw was right for us in my next podcast episode! If you haven't tuned in to the podcast yet, go to the iTunes podcast app and search: Style Update Podcast.

Happy New Year everyone!

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