Wedding Wednesday: Pinterest Wedding Inspiration!

Hey babes! Happy #weddingwednesday!

I'm passionate about styling, interior decorating, and aesthetics. Looking at beautiful things makes me incredibly happy. That is why you've heard me rave about my home office so much on my Instagram @styleupdateblog. I really love creating a beautiful, sacred space that allows creativity and my authentic self to blossom.

When I started planning our wedding, I knew the aesthetics were the second most important thing to me, aside from marrying David! I knew I wanted the vibe to be rustic chic - romantic, elegant, timeless, and lovely.

These are some of the pictures I found online that inspired our wedding decor:

Our colors are green, white, gold, dusty rose and blush. I am gaga over lush greens, romantic candles, large and full flowers, etc. I am SO EXCITED to see my wedding vision come to life in just 37 short days. It is going to be one of the best days of our lives and I am truly so excited to marry David with all of our family and friends as witnesses to our love. 

Here are some tips for using Pinterest as your go-to wedding inspiration board. 

Make a board for each category of your wedding. Sounds crazy, right? I made a (secret) board for each of the following categories:

1) Wedding Florals 
2) Wedding Signage
3) Wedding Cake 
4) Wedding Hair and Makeup
5) Reception Ideas
6) Wedding Dresses
7) Wedding Decor

I actually don't recommend creating a Wedding Decor board unless you use this as a starting point to gather all of your initial ideas and then pair them down onto other boards later. This was the first board that I made during the planning process, and I found this board the most stressful because all of the seemingly separate ideas were lumped together in one place. It overwhelmed my senses. I created the Wedding Decor board and then found I needed the categories to be separate for me to function and make decisions, so I pinned favorite ideas from Wedding Decor onto their respective boards (cake, florals, etc.) 

Having all the separate boards made it so easy for me to show my planner what my vision was. At our floral appointments I could pull up exactly what I envisioned from my floral board. While hand making the signs for our wedding, I pulled up the Wedding Signage board. 

While Pinterest can be overwhelming, and maybe make you want to do all the things, it has been instrumental in helping me find my vision. 

Here are some Pinterest boards I wish I had created throughout the wedding planning process:

1) Gifts for Bridesmaids

It is so easy to get bogged down in the cute-ness of Etsy, let me tell you. I wish I had created this board so I could physically see what items I was drawn to for my bmaids. Luckily I didn't accidentally buy them 3 different monogrammed items only to later realize whoops I've already gifted you something with your monogram! But I did struggle with finding "the perfect gifts" to say thank you to my amazing friends. A board would have helped me keep all my ideas in one place and remember what I came back to again and again. 

2) Gifts for Parents

See above! Luckily I found the perfect gift for my parents on Etsy and I am going to be so excited to reveal it to you once David and I gift it to them. But for now, gotta keep it a secret!

3) Gifts for Other Family

Can you see a trend, here? I wanted to get thoughtful, relatively cost effective gifts for everyone in our family/house party who played a special role, including David's parents and siblings. It was hard to keep track of ideas and I wish I had created this board. 

4) "Cute" Stuff

You know how weddings have the cutes-y, rhyme-y stuff like, "choose a seat not a side, we're both family once the knot is tied" kind of thing? It wold have been helpful to keep all the "cute" ideas in one place to make sure there isn't cuteness overload. I started making a spreadsheet of my decor after my friend Lisa suggested it (she is also in the process of planning her wedding and WOW is she organized. She gave me some great tips which I will share with you here on another #weddingwednesday! Physically seeing all the "cute" phrases in one place makes you realize if it's overkill or just enough. It also helps you discern whether or not having a "write a date idea on a popsicle" station AND a "send well wishes to the bride/groom" is too much or just enough.

What do you think of these tips? Are any of you planning your wedding? If so, I hope these have been helpful! 

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