3 Spring Trends to Try Now

Happy Sunday folks! I hope you've all had a great weekend! It's finally sunny here in Seattle so I'm blogging while watching my dog play outside in the sunshine -- it's a good day. As you know, I'm always updating my style. And with spring cleaning around the corner I figured you might be making some room in your closets, too! So, here are three spring trends to try now (and stay tuned for a spring cleaning post coming up soon!)

1) Gingham is good

Gingham is the perfect spring print that never goes out of style! Reminiscent of picnic dates and sunshine, these flirty dresses are sure to leave you feeling sexy and cute all spring and summer long! I have this one which is only $15. I wore it on our honeymoon to Cabo, it's so flirty and fun I really love the bow details on the back and you can't beat the price!

2) Circle bags are in

If I wanted to spend a lot of money on a circle bag I would get this one because it's just so fun! Arc bags like this one are also hot right now.

3) Pastels are here to stay

I have had a lifelong love affair with pastels. My bedspread in college (which my freshman year roommate HATED) was pastel plaid... I wear pastel nail polish pretty much #alldayerryday and I just love how cheery they are (even when they're muted, even when it's not Easter.)

What spring trends are you going to be reaching for this season?

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