Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation Review

Let's kick off day two of our five foundation review series! I'm reviewing one foundation every day this week on my blog and on Instagram stories so make sure to check out my insta @styleupdateblog where I'll be checking in about how the foundation is wearing throughout the day.

To let you know more about me and my face -- I have combination skin with my most oily areas being my t-zone, and I get redness around my nose and on my cheeks, with some dryness on my cheeks as well. I also wear glasses to the bridge of my nose tends to get either foundation buildup or rubbing off, or both.

Part One: This is a $6 drugstore foundation! What a price difference from yesterday's foundation, huh? This is a matte liquid foundation that I applied with a beauty blender - I used all the same products that I used on my face yesterday so it's just the foundation I'm changing. (I've linked all the other products I used below.) It's nice and matte, and it blends well. It is very liquid-y -- it's not a thick liquid foundation. I have read on some other reviews that if you don't use a primer with it it's not as matte of coverage, but I haven't tried it without primer yet! I am happy with the coverage and it blends beautifully -- I can hardly feel it on my skin and I love how it makes my skin nice and even and clear looking.

Part Two: 11 hour update - still really loving this foundation, guys! It still feels light on my skin but continued to give great coverage throughout the day. It doesn't oxidize. I love the matte look -- it doesn't make my dry areas look dryer. It does tend to crease around my smile lines, and I got a little shiny on my forehead in my tzone.

Overall: Very impressed with this $6 drugstore foundation!! Do not feel like I *need* to touch up after 11 hours, but would potentially powder my nose if I was going on a date :)

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